Mia Za's is constantly evolving. We are very active in trying to keep up with the wants and needs of those that visit our store.


We have listened to those who have told us that they want healthier food. We use the best possible ingredients in our made from scratch recipes. Our pizzas feature hand-stretched dough made with imported flour. Our pasta bowls are filled with organic noodles. Our salads are filled with hand-cut, fresh produce. Our fruit smoothies are full of 100% real fruit.


We have listened to those that want more options. Our menu features two dozen traditional meals that have been carefully chosen. For everyone else, we have the option available to customize your own meal with almost infinite possible combinations. Our meals are also available as combinations too.


We have listened to those that want more free time. Our ordering system is unique. You can grab an order form and fill out at your own speed, and when you are are ready, you can bring it to the register. Or you can now order online or use one of our in store kiosks. There is no need to wait in line to order and pay. Once your order is received, give us a few short minutes and we will let you know when your order is up.


We have listened to students that like to study while they eat. Our store is spacious and comfortable. You can find a small table in a quiet corner for one, or push tables together to accommodate your entire study group. Our store is equipped with complimentary high speed wi-fi and we have installed power connections at our booths so you can plug in your phones, laptops, and tablets and not need to leave for a a charge.


We have listened to those that wanted Mia Za's outside of the store. Some people wanted catering for their big groups, some just wanted a pizza brought to their dorm. Others needed help with an event. Mia Za's values the community we are a part of and are willing to be active citizens in it. We are locally owned and operated and employ several students and residents. We are proud to help our local economy and help where we can.



Thank you for Letting Us Be Part of Your Lives.

What We Do

629 E. Green St .

Champaign, IL 61820